Picture of an IPC

The Sun Microsystems SPARCstation IPC (4/40) aka Phoenix


IU: LSILogic S1C00 (aka L64801) clocked at 25 MHz
FPU: Weitek 3172A
Cache: 64 KB write-through cache. Direct-mapped, virtually indexed, virtually tagged, 16-byte lines.
Main memory: Max. 48 MB. 3 banks of 30-pin SIMM slots. Each bank takes 4 1MB or 4MB, 100 ns parity modules.
MMU architecture: sun4c
Expansion 2 x 25 MHz SBus
Serial: 2 DIN ports, Zilog 85C30
Networking: AMD Am7990 (Lance) Ethernet, AUI-port
SCSI: Emulex SCSI Processor (esp100, aka NCR53C80), 5 MBps SCSI
Floppy: 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy hooked up to intel i82072 controller
Frame Buffer: Onboard bwtwo (mono)
Audio: AMD Am79C30A


IPC diagram