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mkp's Hammond organ / Leslie speaker collection

Leslie 31H
Vibratone. 32H Series 3 amp. #8586
Leslie 31H and C3 Leslie 122
#H70258, May 29th 1974.
Leslie 122 Amp.
Tube power amplifier from 122R.
Leslie 122 internals
Rotating horns and drum. Tube amp.
Leslie 122R
#42874, 1963. Hanging off the B3.
Leslie 251
#9142, April 15th 1968.
Hammond B3
Console #86909, 1962
Hammond B3 Hammond C3
Console #62600. 1956
Old Hammond logo C3 preamplifier
The preset panel Vibrato scanner Valves
122 amplifier at work
Gig Rig
Dollies, padded organ cover, 122 with Eden ferro-fluid driver.
Leslie 251 Amp.
Converted to 122-style hookup.
Leslie 251 internals
Solid state relay.
Hammond A101
Chopped gig organ. #23428, 1963
Hammond A101
Power amplifier and speakers removed.

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Some photos copyright (C) 2003 Richard Guy Briggs

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